Traffic Accident Data Summary Statistics – Germany




Federal Statistical Office, Federal Motor Transport Authority, Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, German Institute for Economic Research, Federal Highway Research Institute.

All data until 1990 (incl.) old federal states.


  1. until 2000 as of 01 July in each case; from 2005 onwards: as of
    01 January in each case; since 01.01.2006: passenger cars including mobile homes, ambulances, emergency doctor‘s cars
  2. including light three- and four-wheeled vehicles
  3. until 1990 without light and small motorcycles (LMC, SMC); from 1995 onwards including LMC, SMC; from 2004 onwards including three- and light four-wheeled vehicles
  4. resident concept (including distances covered by German vehicles abroad), DIW
  5. domestic concept, BASt