Please come in and join us. You may use your computer, tablet, or cell phone. You’ll best enjoy this experience if you have a camera, microphone, and speaker.

If you don’t have a camera, microphone, or speaker – you can still meet with us here virtually. You will want to have a phone available, so that we may speak by phone during our meeting.

In order to enter your virtual meeting room you’ll need a Meeting Number.

If you don’t have a Meeting Number And You Are in tucson Please call the office at (520-888-2599)

If you don’t have a Meeting Number And You Are in tempe/ Phoenix office Please call the office at (480-777-2599)

Once you have entered the virtual meeting room, your meeting will start soon. We appreciate your waiting a moment for your meeting to start.

Thank you.

IMPORTANT DISCLOSURE – PLEASE READ!: When you meet with us, it is highly likely that an attorney-client privilege is established. This provides you with important rights and protections that you don’t want to lose. YOU LOSE YOUR ATTORNEY-CLIENT PRIVILEGE IF YOU LET OTHERS LISTEN, SEE, OR OTHERWISE ENGAGE, IN OUR MEETING OR ANY PART OF IT. For this reason, please be sure that only you, or anyone else who is also our client in this matter, listens, sees, or otherwise is engaged in all, or any part, of this meeting. This includes keeping documents private, any notes you may take private, and any and all things relating to this meeting private.