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Car Accidents

These days practically every lawyer claims to handle auto accident injuries. But how good can they be when they’re also handling every other type of case under the Sun? (Bankruptcy, Criminal, Wills/Estates, DUI, etc.) WE EXCLUSIVELY PRACTICE INJURY CASES. We’ve been handling car accident cases as the mainstay of our practice for more than two decades. Steven Pincus, Esq. is not only the founder of the firm, but he’s also a Certified Accident Reconstructionist by Northwestern University’s Center for Public Safety – so we understand how car accidents cause people injuries, and more importantly how to prove it.

Arizona Car Accidents

The insurance companies are pros at finding ways to limit the value of your car accident case. The moment you speak with the insurance company is the same moment they start taking advantage of whatever information you will unwisely give to them. NEVER SPEAK WITH THE INSURANCE COMPANY – let us do that for you! We know the ins and outs of the insurance company’s ways, and we’ll keep you from falling into the insurance company’s traps. This is why you should never speak to the insurance company, not even your own until you have spoken to us first.

You should also know that we provide you with “full service”. This means that we handle all aspects of your case including any property damage from your car accident, car rental, obtaining medical bills, liens, medical payment coverage, etc.. Too often other attorneys don’t help their clients with these important matters, or even go so far as to charge their client’s extra fees. WE NEVER WILL CHARGE YOU AN EXTRA FEE, but only that stated within our written representation agreement.

When choosing an Attorney there is a difference. Let our years’ of experience, and over 98% winning record, show you the winning difference. You’ll feel good knowing we’re representing you.