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Car accidents occur due to a variety of reasons and the best auto accident attorney is aware of all the common causes. They can easily collect all the necessary data from the scene of the accident, police reports and witness statements, which makes it easier to know when another motorist is at fault. When a lawyer represents you, chances of getting the desired settlement dramatically improve. You almost can’t win against an insurance company without legal representation because they know how to trap most inexperienced people representing themselves in cases. Hiring an attorney from Pincus and Associates can make a huge difference for your case because their winning rate is over 98%.

Auto accidents are not the same, but attorneys are experienced in gathering information that lets them clearly understand the manner in which they could negotiate on your behalf. Their goal would be to make sure they get a fair settlement agreed with the insurance company. Of course the insurance company tries everything possible to prove that they shouldn’t pay you, but your lawyer should be armed with evidence that forces them to pay. If they don’t agree to a desired settlement, your attorney will have the option of filing a lawsuit to meet the insurance company’s defense in court.

After a car accident occurs, there is a certain period of time beyond which a case cannot be filed against the other motorist. So it’s always important to contact an attorney as soon as possible after an accident to get the best advice on what course of action to take. Many states have a time limit of 2 years within which you can file a lawsuit or forget about it thereafter. But the lawyers also know when such statutes of limitations do not apply. It is clearly easy to see why a legal representation for your accident case from an experienced personal injury attorney is critical.

Excellent understanding of auto accidents, how to negotiate for settlements or even how to file suits can significantly increase chances of great outcomes, the reason why Pincus and Associates offers clients the most qualified representation with its extensively experienced attorneys. Fair accident settlements are never easily reached and majority of people that opt to represent themselves end up losing to insurance companies as they know all loopholes. Instead of talking to an insurance company after a car accident only to give them information you shouldn’t, just give an attorney a call and experience peace of mind as you receive treatment while your case is handled professionally.