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After being involved in an accident that leaves you with serious injuries, you do not want to be the person handling your own case. That’s assuming you could because knowledge and experience of the law as it applies to personal injury cases matter. An auto accident attorney should be the one to represent you, taking care of the tough and time consuming negotiations with the insurance company concerned. That has to be an experienced attorney and that is why you should contact Pincus and Associates.

An attorney keeps dealing with different insurance companies on different car accident cases for different clients. That provides invaluable experience and knowledge of handling such cases, so if a lawyer is working for you they know a lot of dos and don’ts for ensuring fair resolutions. Having to deal with your accident case for the first time would only mean giving the insurance company undue advantage over you. You need an attorney that has become too familiar with the processes of gathering the necessary evidence needed to argue in your favor and force the insurance company to agree to a settlement that’s fair. The attorney works with reconstructionists, medical and forensic experts to collect and piece every useful bit of information needed to provide evidence. Police reports and witness accounts are obtained too, so the attorney knows early enough what the chances of fair settlement look like.

If the desired settlement is not reached, the lawyer files all the necessary documentation for the case to proceed to court. You need a competent lawyer with a proven track record of winning cases to represent you in court and counter all the arguments of the defense representing the insurance company. The attorneys at Pincus and Associates are always winning cases for clients so that’s where you should seek legal representation. You need to be fairly compensated for your damaged car, medical bills, lost wages and much more, so the attorney makes sure every factor that can possibly increase your compensation is taken into account.

Depending on circumstances surrounding your automobile accident case, it can be very tough to deal with so it’s always to the best of your interest if a lawyer represents you. Gathering evidence is time-consuming work yet no mistakes should be made because that could deny you the settlement you deserve. So the attorney you engage diligently works for you as a professional adhering to the best practices and that significantly raises the chances of winning the case. Insurance companies in most cases will not even let the attorney to take the case to court if they think they are going to lose. In such cases they will agree to settlement which could be high if your lawyer’s negotiation skills are excellent. That’s a good reason to consider engaging an attorney from Pincus and Associates.