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Getting involved in a car accident that leaves you with serious injuries and a damaged car isn’t the kind of a situation that is easy to navigate. You will need the services of an experienced auto accident attorney that knows how to handle personal injury cases for the best outcomes. The accident most probably sends you to a hospital bed while you may not be earning for months. You will experience pain and suffering while a lot of questions will be left unanswered. You may not know how your medical bills should be paid, or whether the other motorist was at fault and caused the accident.

Dealing with the insurance to pay for any claims isn’t often one of the best experiences. You should never attempt to speak to an insurance company on your own expecting them to pay. That only gives the insurance company an opportunity to see how they could pay less or even totally avoid paying. After getting involved in any auto accident, the best option is always to contact an attorney to bring the wealth of experience and knowledge needed to get at the bottom of matter for the best possible outcome. That’s why calling Pincus and Associates would be a great thing to do since their attorneys specialize in handling personal injury cases related to automobile accidents.

It is never a wise idea trying to handle an auto accident case on your own. In any case, there is always an option to have the attorney working on a contingent-fee basis and only getting paid after a successful settlement. Legal representation is important and highly recommended especially if the accident caused serious injuries. An attorney has the legal knowledge necessary and knows all the procedural rules you may not be aware of. You need such a professional working for you if you expect a fair settlement. Insurance companies have vast resources and experience, so with an attorney representing you in negotiations the playing field is evened.

If your case doesn’t settle and has to go to trial, your attorney will take care of all the necessary preparations needed. Such cases don’t always go for trail, but the legal action threat itself forces the insurance company to agree on a fair settlement. Pincus and Associates have over 98% winning rate for personal injury cases, so it makes a lot of sense having any their experienced attorneys working for you. If they have to file a lawsuit on your behalf, you know they have carefully reviewed the case and can effectively counter any defenses from the other side to win your case.